Go Down Baby
I can be bought
Shameless by Neil Summerour
Sultry and Indecent
comfortably numb
dangerously attractive


Healthy Americans
unconventional honeymoon
coquettes and vixens
Reprehensible and brazen behaviour
cheeky silliness


self promotion
Cult of Personality
Obnoxious Bickering
The Leading Actresses
stroke of subversive genius


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I will spare you the long-winded description this time and all of the motivations and witty innuendoes. Quite frankly, I forgot about creating this typeface and it sat on my hard drive for almost a year. Luckily, my daughter Isobel saw the initial drawings one day and ask me about those pretty letters and I remembered… yep, that happened. That said, time made this a better typeface… with fresh eyes and time, much was redrawn, retooled and expanded to something I truly enjoy playing with.

Shameless makes extensive use of Contextual alternates to create a proper ebb and flow from letter to letter. Interestingly, there are only a handful of ligatures… instead many special combinations are accounted for solely by relying on Contextual Alts. Mix in Stylistic Alts, Swashes, responsive Titling Alts, numerous Style Sets, etc and you can have a lot of fun. I created 2 versions. A 'Standard' version that has 2200+ characters and a 'Deluxe' version that has 2400+ characters and an interesting caveat… I plan on expanding the Deluxe version any time I have an idea to add to the typeface… and as such, buyers will receive all of those updates at no charge (with updates going directly to the distributors). You get what you pay for… no insane discounts.

Oh, and if you are wondering… Shameless is based on my handwriting using Kuretake Zig CocoIro pens. I love these pens.